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Our unique Email Alert System allows you to keep tags on the conditions that suit your needs. Take the driving seat and set up the conditions that you want to be alerted about and the Big Salty Weather Engine will send an email to your inbox when the conditions are happening.

> Follow this link for a quick 3 steps guide on how to set up the Email Alerts.

Email Alert Control Panel

  • Location
  • Email Alert
  • Wind
  • Custom
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To manage the Big Salty alert system, you must be signed in with an account.

Set up a Big Salty Weather account here.

For more help and frequently asked questions on how to set up the email alerts click here.

Terms and conditions

A couple of things. Firstly and most importantly, a reminder to check conditions before hitting the water, check the conditions are clearly not beyond your ability level - be safe. Preferrably venture out with a partner.

Lastly. Big Salty reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for this service in future should the demand on our servers/ technical support require it.

Control Panel Quick Help
  • As soon as you set a 'Wind' or 'Custom' configuration for a location you will automatically start receiving alert emails.
  • To change your list of locations, you must visit the Watchlist.
  • To change between 'Wind' and 'Custom' alerts, simply click the control panel icon in the respective column.
  • You can choose to stop previously set email alerts by clicking the button 'Stop Alerts' next to the location.
  • To update your email address visit our account update page.
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