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When you’re done checking the forecast, why not cruise by some of our top choice websites:

Boardseeker windsurfing new reviews, moves and movies

A weekly online magazine with all the breaking news from the worlds of windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Surfers against sewage

The Wave Jam

Wave Jam is an awesome new format for windsurfing competition in the UK, set up by Steve Thorpe, Simon Crowther and Russell Tetlow.

The idea is simply, wait for the best conditions, get the best windsurfers in the UK and Ireland and send them to a location that's going off! No more wasted opportunities at event sites with no wind - this is all about action. A philosphy close to our hearts.

Well done guys, we look forward to seeing big things.

Surfers against sewage

Surfers Against Sewage are an environmental campaign group, whose mission is to rid the UK coastline of sewage. Check out their site and become a member – everyone at Bigsalty HQ is.
PWA professional windsurfers association

Keep upwind of the international world of windsurfing events. And you’ll also discover that, yes, there are some people out there actually making a living from windsurfing . . .
UK windsurfing assocation

The UKWA official site brings you event dates, results and plenty of useful windsurfing information.
UK surfing association

The British Surfing Association is the place to pick up any information you need about surfing. Whether you’re looking to join the BSA or get the latest event news, it’s all there.
Surfaccomm surfing accommodation

The essential guide to surfing accommodation worldwide. The Bigsalty team have enjoyed some stays in great surfside apartments they’ve sourced through surfaccomm.
What the masses say

When I'm back from the PWA tour, there is nothing I like more than searching out the sickest forecast for a road trip with friends.

Big Salty has got those plans covered.

John Skye

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