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Welcome to the help & settings section, here you can change the default units, sign in for free and learn more about weather forecasting.

Bigsalty Weather Settings and Tools

Help & settings

New Bigsalty user sign up

It is FREE to register as a Bigsalty User and once you’re signed in you can use the Watchlist tool to track your favourite spots, set a location to originate search queries from and tailor your preferred weather units so the forecast is all about you. » more...

The Watchlist

The Bigsalty Watchlist allows you to keep an eye on the forecasted weather at your six chosen locations whilst you browse the site. Your Watchlist will always appear in the right hand corner of the page so you’ll know exactly which spot to make a beeline to when the wind blows or the swell grows. » more...

Email Alert System

Our unique Email Alert System allows you to keep tags on the conditions that suit your needs. Take the driving seat and set up the conditions that you want to be alerted about and the Big Salty Weather Engine will send an email to your inbox when the conditions are happening » more...

Set preferred units

You can change the way your forecast is measured; for example, you may prefer to read waves in feet rather than metres, or wind in mp/h rather than kmp/h. You can also set your origin for the Beach Search requests so our system can easily search for the perfect conditions in a radius around your home. » more...

Update your account

If you have changed your email address or want to update your user account details, you can do that here. » more...

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your Bigsalty password and need to be sent a reminder. » more...

Add a forecast feed to your website

Browse through our choice forecast add-ons for your website so that you can show the latest weather to your audience with style! » more...

Forecasting and Site Help

For more information on using Bigsalty and also on the forecast models and data available, please take a look at the forecasting/ site resources. » more...

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