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Welcome to the help & settings section, here you can change the default units, sign in for free and learn more about weather forecasting.

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Why sign up for a free Big Salty user account? It's really quick and easy to do and it allows you to use the Big Salty weather service to its full potential.

Quickly setup a Watchlist of your chosen locations so that you can monitor forecast developments with maximum ease. Set your preferred forecasting units so that each time you come back to the site everything is automatically tailored for your use.

We work hard at Big Salty HQ to make sure we extend and improve our services so that new developments positively effect our users and that community suggestions are heard. That includes you and what you need from your weather service.

A final word on privacy. We take your privacy seriously and will never share your details with anyone.

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What the masses say

When I'm back from the PWA tour, there is nothing I like more than searching out the sickest forecast for a road trip with friends.

Big Salty has got those plans covered.

John Skye

Bigsalty - Big Forecasts
We have the data that you need to make an informed choice of where to hit the water. Our aim is to get you to better conditions more often - not because we're nice guys, but because we want the same.

Here's some of what we offer:

Current wind/swell & weather 7 day forecasts for over 200 locations in the UK/ Ireland Swell/ wind charts Tide data & charts Watchlist facility Unique Rating Systems Our dedication to deliver the type of service you need