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Welcome to the help & settings section, here you can change the default units, sign in for free and learn more about weather forecasting.

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General hellos

Bigsalty loves to hear from its users. If you’ve got a question, check out the FAQs section to see if it’s answered there – and if it isn’t, well then we'd be happy to hear from you! We’ll try and get back to you within 24-hours, but if it’s windy, no guarantees . . .

Beach locations

If you would like to submit data to our archive of beach information, then drop us a line with details of the exact location as well as any other information you may wish to share with Bigsalty users.

Addition of weather stations

If you’d like to have your weather station’s data listed on Bigsalty, please contact our developers with any necessary information.

All email enquiries to Bigsalty can be sent to:

What the masses say

When I'm back from the PWA tour, there is nothing I like more than searching out the sickest forecast for a road trip with friends.

Big Salty has got those plans covered.

John Skye