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The Big Salty Team

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We are passionate about being on the water as much as possible. We find the best way to do that is to have something to do for all conditions. Waves, wind, rain or shine.

We are proud to have some really talented people representing us. Heck, we're not shy to admit they've got a thing or two to teach us when they hit the water.

Ladies, and gentlemen, may I present to you, the Bigsalty team.... thankyou!

Jamie Hancock

Jamie Hancock windsurfing


Jamie is at the top of the UK windurfing tour and his style has made an impression beyond. His goal is to move from the UK competitions which he is current national champion to the wider world of PWA competition. We fancy his chances in doing extremely well on the international scene. He's got the drive and unquestionable ability.

He's already showing he knows what to do with it.

Andy King

Andy King windsurfing


Andy is a wild man. And although the responsibility of a family has calmed him slightly off the water; it certainly hasn't done a thing to ebb his manic tendencies on it.

Andy has inspired many windsurfers over the years with his radical ways and agressive style in the air and on the waves. He's in to it whether it's windsurfing, surfing or kitesurfing - the best of every situation.

James Cox

James Cox windsurfing


He's an active competitor in the UK's national windsurfing competitions and watching the weather for every opportunity to get wet. That may be windsurfing, surfing or if the water conditions are right, hunting for dinner.

He's hungry.

Connor Baindridge

Connor Bainbridge


Connor is an Rs:X master at a young age and looks set to go very far. Having recently achieved a 2nd place at the RYA Volvo National Championships we think this statement is justified. If the wind is strong he's at his best. If the wind is light, he's at his best. See what we're dealing with here?

He's dedicated and able, he's part of the team.

Jem Hall

Jem Hall


Jem Hall is possibly the UK and world's most notorious windsurfing coach. He has taught the best of the best and knows how to make himself known. That is, if Jem is on the water at the same time as you - be ready.

He's a personality, coach and marketing machine. He lives by the mantra: focus, believe and enjoy. You can't argue with that can you?

Ewan Byers

Ewan Byers


Ewan is a man on a mission in the sailing world. With experience racing Mirror dingies and being a part of both regional and national squads, he has now moved focus on to racing the RS200 and is actively competing around the UK with team member Phil Benn.

Still a young gun, Ewan has plenty to prove and we think he's going to go far.

Phil Benn

Phil Benn


Like Ewan, Phil is a man with a healthy interest in competing and pushing the limits. As a team, Phil and Ewan are fresh and ready for their busy schedule of competitions. Keep your eyes on these guys.

Want to be a Big Salty team rider? We are looking for a surfer and kitesurfer at the moment, who's down for the team. Let us know.

What the masses say

When I'm back from the PWA tour, there is nothing I like more than searching out the sickest forecast for a road trip with friends.

Big Salty has got those plans covered.

John Skye

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