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Bigsalty was initially set up by UK based professional windsurfer, James Cox, with the aim of getting more out of local and trip based windsurfing locations.

With so many different places to consider and so many variables, Bigsalty was designed to make life that little bit sweeter and easier.

He rounded up a team of people who share both a passion for watersports and an unhealthy interest in meteorological data. Whilst forecasting can never be an exact science, the Bigsalty team have layered lab-coats over their wetsuits to provide you with the most accurate forecast models they can get their hands on.

Bigsalty focuses on what's going on in the UK/Ireland because they know from experience how damn good it gets!

Bigsalty's mission is to point you in the direction of the right beach in the right conditions - and you know how to do the rest.

Time to get wet...

What the masses say

When I'm back from the PWA tour, there is nothing I like more than searching out the sickest forecast for a road trip with friends.

Big Salty has got those plans covered.

John Skye